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Trangia 212 Mess Tin
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Finding a tin that was just the right size to contain the whole K1 Survival Kit was a real undertaking, an undertaking I didn't think was going to turn out in my favor. After doing a few hours worth of searching for survival tins it became apparent that the only containers that would fit the job were plastic and to me this is a total waste of space as they can not be used for heating up liquids and food.

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The Trangia 212 is one of those rare finds that is meant for one job but does another equally as well. With the simple modification of a sealing strip of PVC electrical tape this tin is a totally weather proof survival tin.

As a cooking utensil the 212 is made to last with quality rivets and a folding handle setting it apart from the BCB Mini Mess Tin.

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Trangia 212 Small Mess Tin Personal Survival Kit
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Trangia 212 Small Mess TinGood quality survival tins with a well thought out design are few and far between, It all boils down (excuss the pun) to the old tobacco tins for small personal survival kits. Before I started researching for the K1 the one thing that I thought would be easy to find was a high end survival tin, designed to be tough, weather proof and at the same time useful as a cooking utensil. I was very wrong to make this assumption, the fact is there is nothing available that is designed to do a premium job of containing a survival kit other than tubular caches (for some reason) and plastic lunch box type things (try heating water in those).

OK, a good sized tin (but small, relatively speaking), well made, able to store items securely and can be used for cooking, you guessed it, the humble mess tin. When out on youth expeditions as a teenager I remembered one name that seemed to do aluminum really well, Trangia. I quick trip over to the Trangia website and there it was, the Trangia 212 Small Mess Tin, with lid and removable handle! hold on, this is a survival tin surely, one that heats food and liquids really well, I must be dreaming!

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Not to big and not to small, I don't really want to use a full sized mess tin with a lid for this job.
Quality materials and finish is a must if this container is to be used for heating water and food as well as storing the K1 survival kit.
Needs to have a lid of some sort.

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When I ordered the Trangia 212 I still wasn't sure whether the dimensions would seem to large for a personal survival kit or offer what I thought would be a great alternative to carrying more than one tin. I needn't have worried, the size was perfect for the K1, materials and construction from the Swedish manufacturer also toped any other tin I had come across.

My pre-order worries about the rivets that attached the hand being the same as the BCB Mini Mess tin latch rivets were also unfounded. The only fault was the finish on the edge of the lid and the edge of the base, a bit rough and not a smooth fit when the lid was dropped into place. I fixed this by simply sanding the area down with a fine sponge sanding block, a few minutes spent and a perfectly smooth finish was accomplished.

The Trangia 212 is a great find as a personal survival kit container, well made, ideal for cooking (inside both the lid and the base), comes with a handle that doesn't detract from it's survival kit adaptation. By the way, you can get the Trangia 210 that simply excludes the handle, why you would want to do this I'm not sure, you'll only end up making one in the field or just burning your hand.

On the down side the lid is not sealed, on the upside it's very easy to put a piece of PVC electrical tape around the seam to get a perfect watertight seal. There's a lot to be said for the seal being on the outside of the tin, as with PVC tape, you can see the seal is good with internal seals it's guess work. The only other thing for me is the shape of the corners, they are bit to rounded and make packing a little more difficult than it need be.

Overall a great premium aluminum tin that makes a great container for the K1 Survival Kit with the added bonus of allowing you to heat water and food with minimal effort, well, apart from building the fire and lighting it.

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